Hon. Nonnie S. Burnes*
Laurie Burt
Jack Cinquegrana*
John F. Cogan, Jr.
Paul T. Dacier
John D. Donovan
Lena G. Goldberg
Diana K. Lloyd & Jordan D. Hershman
Joan A. Lukey
Martin F. Murphy
William Mutterperl
Regina M. Pisa
R. Robert Popeo
Joel M. Reck
Hon. Christine M. Roach
Gary A. Spiess*
Hon. J. Owen Todd
John R. Towers

Leadership Fellows [$25,000]

John H. Clymer*
Gene D. Dahmen
Taci R. Darnell
Michael K. Fee
Anthony A. Froio
Hon. Karen F. Green
William E. Hannum III
Julia Huston*
Hon. Margaret H. Marshall
Shaw McDermott*
Hon. Christopher J. Panos
John J. Regan
Sander A. & Lauren Stiller Rikleen

Karen O’Toole
Fidelity Investments

“The BBF’s mission to support pro bono work and access to justice for Boston’s needy is so critical to us as lawyers and citizens, and I am really grateful and excited for the opportunity to work with the BBF and the Society.”

Sarah Columbia
McDermott, Will & Emery

“The BBF’S work is vital to the Commonwealth and those in need of access to justice. For me, becoming a Fellow was an easy decision to make – I can’t think of a better way to support an organization that provides such essential services.”

Scott Roberts
Hirsch Roberts Weinstein

“Each day, too many of our fellow citizens must face serious legal issues – from the loss of disability benefits to eviction – while being unable to afford having a lawyer at their side. I am proud to support the BBF’s mission of expanding legal service, assistance and access to all in our communities.”

Fellows [$10,000]

David Abelman
Samuel Adams
Jonathan M. Albano
Susan H. Alexander
Paula K. Andrews
Lisa G. Arrowood
Paula M. Bagger
Edward J. Barshak
The Bartlett Family
Nancy F. Baskin
Michael S. Batson
Thomas O. Bean
John E. Beard*
Russell Beck
Roberta F. Benjamin
Kenneth R. Berman
Joseph L. Bierwirth, Jr.
Marc J. Bloostein
Randall W. Bodner
Michael B. Bogdanow
Beth I.Z. Boland
Martha Born
Janet E. Bostwick
Hon. Margot Botsford & Stephen Rosenfeld
Jeremiah J. Bresnahan, Jr.
Thomas W. Bridge
Lee C. Bromberg
Margaret A. Brown
Philip Y. Brown
Marijane Benner Browne
Michael H. Bunis
Scott D. Burke
Michael F. Burke
Richard P. Campbell

Esme Caramello
J.W. Carney, Jr.
Stephen W. Carr
Truman S. Casner
Hon. Denise Jefferson Casper
David C. Chapin
Tyler E. Chapman
Jonathan Chiel*
John H. Chu
David S. Clancy
Christopher G. Clark
Ben T. Clements
James F. Coffey

Eben P. & Tara Colby
Michael A. Collora*
Sarah Chapin Columbia*
Ian Crawford
Kevin B. Currid
George L. Cushing
Paul P. Daley
A. Jeffrey Dando
Jeanne P. Darcey
Juliet A. Davison
Michael R DeMarco
Brackett B. Denniston III
Lawrence S. DiCara
James S. Dittmar
Anthony M. Doniger
John B. Douglas III
Robert Duggan & Mary E. Weber
Maria Durant
Kenneth F. Ehrlich
Alan H. Einhorn
Douglass N. Ellis, Jr.
David L. Engel
Donald J. Evans
Bruce E. Falby
Scott A. Faust
Phyllis E. Federico
Michael C. Fee
Vinita Ferrera
David L. Ferrera*
Terrence M. Finn
Robert A. Fishman
Mark C. Fleming
Martha J. N. Frahm*
Samuel Frankenheim
Robert B. Fraser
Donald R. Frederico
Harvey W. Freishtat
Susan V. Fried & Jeffrey B. Rudman
Elizabeth S. Fries*
Thomas J. Gallitano & Margaret E. Talmers
Marc Gary
Megan Gates
Randy M. Gioia
Jason C. Gish
Jane D. Goldstein
Lisa C. & Marc L. Goodheart*
Douglas R. Gooding
Louis A. Goodman
Dana M. Gordon
Alexandra M. Gorman
Christopher G. Green
Stanley N. Griffith
Thomas G. Gunning
Ernest M. Haddad*
Peter J. Haley
Stephen P. Hall
Daniel W. Halston
John Hamill
John D. Hamilton, Jr.
John D. Hanify
Michael J. Haroz
Ellen M. Harrington
Allyson Hatton
James C. Heigham
Irwin M. Heller
Gerald P. Hendrick*
Kathleen C. Henry
Peter G. Hermes
Harold Hestnes
Richard Hiersteiner
Erin K. Higgins & Douglas B. Rosner
Keith F. Higgins
Jeffrey L. Hirsch*
Emily F. Hodge
Christian M. Hoffman*
Paul V. Holtzman & Carol Steiker
Renee Inomata
Nancy D. Israel & Lonnie A. Powers
Robert W. Iuliano
Andre C. Jasse, Jr.
Sandra L. Jesse
Jeffrey F. Jones
Julie H. Jones
Hugh R. Jones, Jr.
William W. Kannel

James F. Kavanaugh, Jr.
Michael B. Keating
Jeffery L. Keffer
Jarvis P. Kellogg, Jr. & Elizabeth Munnell
Christopher A. Kenney
Hoil Kim
Robert L. Klivans

Fellows [$10,000]

William A. Knowlton
Joseph L. Kociubes
Peter J. Kolovos
Martha J. Koster
Jonathan L. Kotlier
Joshua Krumholz
Renée M. Landers
William F. Lee
David H. Lee
Hon. Edward P. Leibensperger
Daniel E. Levin
Matthew G. Lindenbaum
Stephen P. Lindsay
Stephanie S. Lovell

Adam M. Lutynski
Hon. Sandra L. Lynch*
Leiha Macauley
William F. Macauley
Alex H. MacDonald
R. Bradford Malt
Deborah J. Manus
Ingrid S. Martin
Edward I. Masterman
James W. Matthews
Sam A. Mawn-Mahlau
Terence P. McCourt
James A. McDaniel
Willard G. McGraw, Jr.
James E. McGuire
Hon. James F. & Katherine McHugh
William J. McNally
Joan McPhee
Matthew V.P. McTygue
Mark C. Michalowski
Martha L. Minow
John T. Montgomery
Michael E. Mooney
George Marshall Moriarty
John T. Morrier
Peter J. Moser
Maureen Mulligan
Timothy M. Murphy*
Hon. Thomas R. Murtagh
George W. Mykulak
John A. Nadas
Suma V. Nair
Christine M. Netski
Nestor M. Nicholas
Edward Notis-McConarty
Michael F. O’Connell
Brien T. O’Connor
Janet & Kevin J. O’Connor
Thomas L. P. O’Donnell
Stephen H. Oleskey
Mary Ellen E. O’Mara
Karen M. O’Toole
William H. Paine
Merriann M. Panarella
Gordon R. Penman
Adrienne M. Penta
Lawrence T. Perera
John A. Perkins
C. Max Perlman
Kevin T. Peters
Chinh H. Pham
Hon. Rudolph F. Pierce
Lisa J. Pirozzolo
Elizabeth F. Potter
Ilissa K. & Lon F. Povich
Jill Cranna Preotle
Rebecca B. Ransom
Abigail A. Record
John R. Regier
Richard W. Renehan
Lauren E. Reznick
Hon. Michael D. Ricciuti
Dean Richlin
Stephen D. Riden
Lynne F. Riley
Elizabeth A. Ritvo*
Scott A. Roberts
Julie H. Rodgers
Ian D. Roffman
Alan D. Rose, Sr.
David P. Rosenblatt
Philip R. Rosenblatt
Peter M. Rosenblum
Vincent Rougeau
Joseph F. Ryan
Mary K. Ryan
Michael P. Sams
Joseph F. Savage, Jr.
William H. Schmidt
Richard S. Scipione
A. Hugh Scott
Edward H. Seksay
Sara J. Shanahan
Gregory D. Sheehan
Joel B. Sherman
Edward Matson Sibble, Jr.
Sara E. Silva
William F. Sinnott
Thomas G. Sitzmann
Robert A. Skinner
James D. Smeallie
Mark D. Smith
Edwin E. Smith*
Robert H. Smith
Gary L. Smith
Richard A. Soden
Nicholas U. Sommerfeld
Carol A. Starkey & Lisa Wilson
Russell J. Stein
Joseph D. Steinfield
Christopher D. Strang
Andrew P. Strehle
C. Thomas Swaim
Deborah L. Thaxter
Kerry L. Timbers
Gary O. Todd
Richard A. Toomey, Jr.
Michael J. Tuteur
William B. Tyler
Hon. Robert L. Ullmann
Christopher Valente
Walter G. Van Dorn
Colin G. Van Dyke

Mindee E. Wasserman
Kathy B. Weinman
Christopher Weld, Jr.
Hon. Dalila Argaez Wendlandt
Barry B. White
Jane E. Willis & Richard A. Davey, Jr.
Nancy R. Wilsker*
Toni G. Wolfman
Lisa C. Wood
Steven H. Wright
Raymond H. Young
Peter F. Zupcofska

Steven Wright
Holland & Knight

“I have seen firsthand how BBF funding supports and enhances the key operations of Greater Boston’s most critical legal service organizations. I’m honored to be part of this group of attorneys who are giving back…especially in these challenging economic times.”

Julia Devanthery
The Legal Services Center of Harvard Law School

“There is a legal aid funding crisis in our country right now, and the Boston Bar Foundation is stepping up to fill in the gaps in Greater Boston. I have had the opportunity to observe the Boston Bar Foundation’s impact on low-income litigants firsthand. Just one example of this critical work is the Attorney for the Day program at the Boston Housing Court. It is no exaggeration to say that thousands of tenants in Boston have avoided homelessness because they had a chance to speak to a volunteer lawyer on the day of their eviction trial. I joined the Society of Fellows to honor the work of inspiring volunteers and legal services attorneys who fight for poor people in Boston. The BBF supports our work, and we must support it in order to ensure that our clients receive the dignity and justice they deserve.”

Alexis Theriault
Conn Kavanaugh

“I consider providing meaningful access to legal services to all to be one of my responsibilities as an attorney. As a Junior Fellow I have joined with others to fulfill that responsibility by supporting the Boston Bar Foundation in its commitment to fund and promote innovation in legal services and expand access to justice for the underserved.”

Supporting Fellows [$5,000]

Victor N. Baltera
Steven D. Barrett
Brandon L. Bigelow
Krietta Bowens Jones
Philip Catanzano
Julia S. Cosentino
Paul G. Cushing
Jed DeWick
W. Lee H. Dunham
Jennifer Durand
Ellen M. Giblin
Angela Gomes
Myra M. Gordon
Joseph M. Griffin, Jr.
Stephen M. Honig & Laura M. Unflat
Brent Henry
Kelly A. Leighton
Mina S. Makarious

Melissa S. McMorrow

Supporting Fellows [$5,000]

Katherine J. Michon
Jeffrey W. Mittleman
Brian T. Moore
Christopher M. Morrison
Karbert S. Ng
Nikki Marie Oliveira
Michael J. Pappone
Nicole L. M. Parsons
Christian A. Rivera
Jeffrey L. Roelofs
Leanne E. Scott
Melissa Thompson
Lisa M. Tittemore
Patrick S. Tracey
Bruce Tribush
Cheryl A. Waterhouse
Alec J. Zadek
William A. Zucker

Junior Fellows [$1,000]

Erin & Jonathan Anderman
Jennifer Andrade
Azure Aronsson
Elizabeth Barrett
Gerrit Betz
Michael C. Birch & Elizabeth J. McEvoy
Gregory S. Bombard
Jesse M. Boodoo
Brian J. Boyle, Jr.
William B. Brady
Kimberly Butler Rainen
Matthew P. Cardosi
Patrick Cento
Jared B. Cohen
Stephany G. Collamore
Bryan S. Conley
Melanie A. Conroy
Tobias Crawford
Emily J. Derr
Julia Devanthéry
Atinuke O. Diver
William J. Durkin
Shane P. Early
Albert Elia
Matthew P. Fitzsimmons
Benjamin K. Golden
Christopher E. Hart
Sean E. Jackowitz
Valerie K. Jackson & Joshua Nadreau
Miche Jean
Hannah Joseph
Redi Kasollja
Elizabeth A. Kayatta
Dan Krockmalnic

Junior Fellows [$1,000]

Michael J. Licker
David W. & Jessica Schauer Lieberman
Neil T. Lindquist
Juan S. Lopez
Crystal & Daniel Lyons
David Lyons
Kyle MacDonald
Lauren N. Martin
John A. McBrine
Matthew L. McGinnis
Julia M. McLetchie
Jennifer L. Mikels
Paul D. Momnie
Michael C. Moran
Wyckoff Nissenbaum
Steven J. Pacini
Rachel Irving Pitts
Marisa K. Roman
Christopher T. Saccardi
Jordan Scott
Christopher M. Shea & Sarah W. Walsh
Jared L. Shwartz
Caroline K Simons
Monica Snyder
Christopher Somma
Angelo Thalassinos
Alexis Theriault
Marissa R. Urban
Adam M. Veness
Daniel V. Ward
Kathryn E. Wilhelm
Matthew M. Yospin
Cole M. Young
Mark E. Zglobicki

Matthew Yospin
The Law Office of Matthew M. Yospin

“I joined the Society of Fellows because I wanted to support the Boston Bar Foundation in promoting access to justice, and in offering projects that support the community. Working as a sole practitioner, I’m glad to be able to offer pro bono services. Being a member of the Society of Fellows is a great complement, and is important to me, because of the work the BBF does to help even more people, and local students, with programs such as Law Day in the Schools and the Summer Jobs Program.”

*Sustaining Fellows are dedicated Boston Bar Foundation supporters, continuing to contribute annually to the endowment upon completion of their pledge.


Each pledge is a permanent gift to the Boston Bar Foundation endowment, providing a lasting and stable base of support for our work as we expand opportunities for Boston’s youth, provide critical assistance for those in need, and create a brighter future for our city.

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